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IRM Digital Ethics Guidelines 2021

The IRM's Professional Standards Committee have released the new IRM Digital Ethics Guidelines. Developed from diverse external sources and the wider risk management community, the guidelines emphasise the importance of assessing the ethical implications of new technology.


The last few years have seen a rapid expansion of digital technology into all of our professional and personal lives. This expansion was further hastened in 2020 by the health crisis, and it will continue to have a growing impact on the work of risk managers and society at large.

Failing to consider the ethical implications of new technology has created challenges historically: the first Industrial Revolution brought violent demonstrations and the rise of the Luddite movement intent on destroying the new spinning machines, which they thought would push a skilled workforce into unemployment. What is often called the fourth Industrial Revolution will bring similar challenges to many people. These modern technologies sit in our pockets and on our desks. The decisions they facilitate every minute can have profound consequences for the jobs and daily lives of billions of individuals around the world.

To read the new Digital Ethics Guidelines click on the download button above. 


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