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Pipeline’s Women Count 2020 Research Report: Firms with more female executives perform better

New research shows that companies with women in senior leadership roles are more profitable and yet, across the 350 biggest British PLCs, fewer than two in ten CFOs are women, only 4% of investment managers are women, and just 5% of firms are led by a female CEO.

As emerging evidence is showing, organisations and governments headed by women are more resilient during the Covid-19 crisis. Very quickly, firms which find themselves on the wrong side of history on this and other social issues will discover that they cannot recruit the talent they need to succeed. This report should be a wake-up call to them.

Women Count 2020 is the fifth annual study of women executives, their roles on executive committees, and the impact on business performance in FTSE 350 companies, as it stands at 17th April 2020. This report reveals, in stark detail, how the failure to advance women to leading corporate positions has become a significant drain on profitability.

Instead of seeing increases in the numbers of female leaders, this year there are fewer women CEO’s who are taking the reins of FTSE 100 businesses. There are also worrying trends for the next tranche of female leaders.

There are four key themes developed in the report:

  1. Lost profits
  2. Going backwards on women leaders
  3. Preparing women for the next level – a broken springboard
  4. Worrying signs amid the green shoots of progress

This report shows how the failure to develop and promote women into CEO or C-Suite roles has serious consequences, not least for profitability, especially for those companies who have yet to place a single woman onto their executive committee. The call to action is that there is no time to lose and that we must do better than this.

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