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World Economic Forum:
The Future of the Corporation

The challenges the world faces from the COVID-19 pandemic, and the underlying trends of worsening inequality and climate crisis, are presenting leaders with some of the most severe business, economic and social challenges in decades.

The depth of these challenges has forced business leaders to question the most foundational aspects of how they operate: who they serve, and how they create value for these constituents. Leaders are increasingly recognising that for a business to succeed over the long term, it must provide profitable solutions that positively affect all stakeholders. This fundamental approach to decision-making in the boardroom, through connecting value creation and stakeholder outcomes, is the heart of stakeholder capitalism.

Advancing stakeholder capitalism from promises to improved and resilient business practices requires a new approach to corporate governance that enables the alignment of value and stakeholder outcomes at the boardroom level.

To fulfil this objective, this report examines stakeholder-oriented governance practices from leading businesses, and offers practical guidance for investors, boards and management on how to make their own governance more stakeholder-oriented. The need to do so has never been more urgent.

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