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The NED Certificate Bundle

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The NED Certificate

We offer an in-house version of our NED Certificate, specifically for organisations. This will take the format of our NED Certificate but we are able to tailor our content to the needs of your organisation.


Apsirant, Newly Appointed and Experienced Non-Executive Directors who would benefit from a deep-dive into the key elements of the role of the Non-Executive Director?


One Day Training Course and a 60 minute Online Test.

The test can be taken at any point from your home or office computer as long as you have a working internet connection.


Purchase The NED Certificate as a Bundle. The NED Certificate supports a structured NED training and education programme based on three modules of activity that we recommend purchasing as a bundle.

The three modules are:

1. Attend The Essential Training Course for Non-Executive Directors.

The course is designed to ensure attendees satisfy the core knowledge and understanding requirements of being a Non-Executive Director which is implicit in Company Law, and the many codes and guidelines which have been issued.

The training is provided using technical input from leading experts in the field and delivered by professional training experts. The course leaders are renowned both for their grasp of the subject and for their ability to make technical subject matter interesting.

2. Read The Non-Executive Directors' Handbook

The Non-Executive Directors’ Handbook is now in its 5th edition and, given the increasingly significant role played by Non- Executive Directors in the independent oversight of organisations, it acts as an essential source of reference and route map for the role. This revised edition reflects the most recent legislation and regulation and guidance on board effectiveness, and the broader developments in strategy, risk management and financial reporting req

3. Complete the Non-Executive Directors' Test

A 60 minute, 30 question test The Certificate draws all of it's questions from the Non-Executive Directors' Handbook and we recommend this read ahead of taking the test, so as to help guarantee the best possible success. The Handbook and the test reflect legislation and regulation, including the UK Corporate Governance Code, guidance on board effectiveness, and developments in reporting by companies.

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