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Risk in the Boardroom in 2021
– New year … new approach?

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17 November 2020


12.15 - 13.15


On-line Webinar

A recent Willis Towers Watson and NEDA webinar looked at what boards have learnt about themselves and their fellow board members during the current crisis, as well as what questions NEDs should now be asking their boards and the executive team in plotting their next course of action. As a follow up to this session Willis Towers Watson and NEDA are hosting a follow up on-line Webinar to consider how boards are grappling with the new risk landscape as they plan and look forward to 2021.

In particular, more attention has been given to the obligations and liabilities of directors as they seek to ensure that their companies need to survive and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Boards, and NEDs in particular, need to use the lessons learnt during 2020 and plot their course in 2021 – how different will the approach to managing risk need to be? Indeed, a recent survey by NEDA asked NEDs to consider the future risk landscape and a high proportion of NEDs were very optimistic and thought that the current crisis situation could result in a refocus of attention on positive opportunities rather than just negative threats which have already crystallised.

Participants in the Webinar will gain access to a broad range of perspectives from risk and insurance professionals, board advisers and members of the NED community. By the time we reach 2021 Boards should be more confident in taking a realistic position on how well they are placed to manage the critical risks they face - both on a threat and an opportunity basis. 

The session will be led by Louis Cooper, CEO at NEDA, and will consider the views and insight from Eve Richards, GB Head of Finex D&O at Willis Towers Watson, Socrates Coudounaris, Co-Chairman, 'Non-Executive Director and Chief Risk Officer' Special Interest Group at the Institute of Risk Management (‘IRM’) and Sharon Baylay, Board and Risk Chair and portfolio NED,  who will provide a sense-check on how boards are preparing for the future.

We hope that you will be able to join us and look forward to welcoming you to this lunchtime on-line Webinar. All administrative activities for the event, including registration and on-line hosting, will be undertaken by Willis Towers Watson.

To register and book a place at the Webinar please click the link above.



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