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Chapter Zero Guidance for NEDs on COP26

Each year the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) hosts a Climate Change Conference. Climate Change Conferences bring together global leaders and other stakeholders to implement the Convention and this year’s conference in November, which has been delayed due to Covid-19, will be held in Glasgow.

The Conference of the Parties – often called COP – is the supreme decision-making body of the UNFCCC and is part of this annual event. It brings governments together to negotiate and agree global climate commitments and treaties. COP is more often used as a term to describe the whole Conference.

The UK announced five themes of focus for COP26. These are:

  1. Adaptation and resilience: Enabling people, economies and the environment to adapt and be resilient to the consequences of climate change.
  2. Nature: Using nature-based solutions such as conservation or agricultural methods to protect ecosystems and their services to help keep carbon out of the atmosphere.
  3. Energy transition: Making sure countries around the world transition to clean and renewable energy supplies.
  4. Accelerating the move to zero-carbon road transport: Promoting the transition to electric vehicles on roads to cut transport emissions.
  5. Finance: Greening finance by increasing investment into sustainable infrastructure and so that climate change becomes a major consideration in public and private finance.

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