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Chapter Zero: Spotlight for NEDs

Chapter Zero, the Directors’ Climate Forum, provides a ‘Spotlight for NEDs’ which focuses on high priority, timely topics with a wide range of NED-specific briefings, publications and events.

For 2023, our spotlight is on ‘Transition Planning’.

Spotlight on Transition Planning

Transition Plans are the next step in the private sector climate journey. Companies need to develop a plan for delivering on net zero targets and pledges.

High-quality transition plans enable management teams to develop, communicate and implement their climate strategies. A transition plan can:

  • focus attention;
  • highlight key issues to be escalated to the board;
  • and instigate fundamental change in the business strategy.

The Chapter Zero Transition Planning Toolkit is designed to support you as a NED and your board in overseeing the development of a credible transition and delivery against that plan.

The four elements of the Transition Planning Toolkit include:

To read more please click on this link which takes you to where you can obtain a copy of the Transition Planning Toolkit.





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