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Cyber Literacy for the Boardroom – a Toolkit from the NCSC

It is essential for board members to understand how Cyber Security impacts the organisation but also, how it should be embedded within the strategy to protect the business.

This is why The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has just published a Board Toolkit for directors to help them navigate Cyber security in the boardroom. It has been created to encourage essential discussions about cyber security to take place between the board and their technical experts. Board members do not need to be technical experts, but they do need to know enough about cyber security to be able to have a fluent conversation with their experts, and understand the right questions to ask.

The Board Toolkit covers a range of cyber security topics, starting with an introduction to cyber security specifically written for board members. Other topics include:

  • understanding the threat;
  • collaborating with suppliers and partners; and
  • planning a response to a cyber incident.

Each topic is filled with straightforward guidance and helpful questions that board members can ask their technical teams.

To obtain a copy of the Toolkit please follow the link.


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