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Founder and family businesses - a sustainable future

Nurturing for the long-term is in the nature of founder and family businesses. So when it comes to sustainability, companies led by entrepreneurs and families have unique attributes and motivations that set them apart from other firms.

With that intrinsic perspective and the need to measure success over a long time, it’s no surprise that the special strengths and advantages enjoyed by founder- and family-led companies lend themselves to the aim of sustainable business practices.

Sustainability has gained prominence in recent years. While most public attention focuses on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues and "big business", the pressure to contribute toward a cleaner environment and a fairer society is increasing on all companies. Also, given the importance now attached to financial resilience following the pandemic, it’s no wonder that sustainability and ESG issues feature high on the list of priorities of businesses led by entrepreneurs and families.

Find out more about what sustainability means for founder and family businesses by clicking here.



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