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Hope on the horizon

The combination of the vaccines and scientific advances gives us real hope that we will learn to live with Covid-19 effectively argues Dr Jimmy Muchechetere, CFA, Senior Equity Analyst at Investec.

This point of view from Investec, argues that we need to learn to coexist with the virus and understand that it will become endemic, as is happening in countries such as Sinagpore.  It argues that if public health policies shift focus from case numbers to hospitalisations and deaths, that will be a big step in learning to coexist with the virus.

The article summarises that we can derive confidence from the relative success of highly-vaccinated populations in the face of a formidable Delta variant. If vaccines continue to keep people from dying, we continue to be successful in our innovation efforts and the virus does not mutate too much away from the original there is real hope that we will learn to live with this virus effectively. Non-pharmaceutical interventions may still have a place, just as with colds and influenza, but this would bode well for economic growth, social interactions and mental health, and much more.

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