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IBE: FTSE 100 Ethical Decision-Making Models: good questions, good answers?

The Institute of Business Ethics (‘IBE’) have recently published their analysis of the ethical decision-making models contained in the codes of ethics of the UK’s leading companies, the FTSE 100.

Existing policies and rules can never provide a clear answer about what to do in every situation. Many organisations have developed a set of questions to help their people make ethical decisions when faced with difficult situations.

The IBE found that: just under a third of FTSE 100 firms include an ethical decision-making model in their code of ethics. But many firms still have an opportunity to provide extra support for their staff when facing ethical dilemmas.

There are some common features, but the models vary greatly in their content and presentation. This suggests that FTSE 100 companies are thinking about the creation of their models and not simply copying from elsewhere. And it means that there are plenty of examples and ideas for others to draw on when creating their own model. The IBE has helped to consolidate the thinking, based on the report analysis and their experience of advising companies, with a summary of ‘Ten Top Tips’ to consider.

To obtain a copy of the Report, by registering with the IBE, click on the link above.



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