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Make climate change part of your personal objectives for this year recommends WTW

More and more, companies are setting ambitious climate goals.  This commitment - and journey to becoming carbon neutral - is going to make a meaningful difference to the world we live in. 

When it comes to taking action, we’ve also seen a significant amount of work being done at the executive level and have partnered with leading-edge organisations to embed ESG metrics into executive incentives.  So far though, there’s been little conversation within organisations about what their people can and should do as individuals to have a positive impact on the climate. And we know that individual contribution is critical to progress so we’ve decided to take action. Small changes add up fast when we’re all making them. We challenged ourselves to change for the better. How can we as individuals within an organisation reduce our impact on the environment?

Read the full article and see tips for reducing our impact on the environment here.



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