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NEDA co-founder aims to break trans-Atlantic rowing age record

One of NEDAs co-founders and current NED, Guy Rigby, will be taking part in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge next year – the Challenge is a fundraising event which sees teams row non-stop across the 3,000-mile stretch of ocean between La Gomera (just off Tenerife) and Antigua. 

Guy and his partner David Murray plan to raise money for social entrepreneurs in their boat ‘The Entrepreneur Ship’ and with a collective age of 124 they will be the oldest pair! 
Social entrepreneurs are those with a particular focus on the “triple bottom line” – profit, people, planet - and are the ones who really need support to ensure the survival of both our society and the planet.
While the pair wish to keep the beneficiary charity confidential, as terms are still being finalised, they are hoping to raise between £300,000 and £400,000 depending on the economic climate in the lead-up to the race. This will be through a combination of private fundraising and corporate support, with a broad range of sponsor organisations already lined up.
To read more and learn how you can support Guy’s efforts, please follow the link.

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