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NEDs at a time of crisis: ‘The culture of boards made a huge difference’

Just as the pandemic affected almost every aspect of modern life, so too have boardrooms and non-executives felt the dramatic impact of Covid-19.

Whether it be in the way board meetings are held, the business issues tackled, working from home or the personal struggles of colleagues dealing with illness or even bereavement, Covid-19 has caused many to consider the lessons learned and the changes that may be permanent.
According to Paul Drechsler, chair of the judges for the NED Awards, the pandemic hit each board and their non-executives in very different ways. “No two sectors were affected in the same way. There isn’t a pandemic formula. Some businesses made more money than they’ve ever made before. For some, they’ve had a near death experience. There is a tremendous diversity of experience depending on the products and services and the degrees to which they were impacted by the pandemic”.

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