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Quality Through The Years: The Chartered Quality Institute celebrates its 100th Anniversary


The Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) has led in advancing the quality of products and services across industry since its inception in 1919. The CQI is proudly celebrating this heritage and the evolution of the quality management discipline in the last 100 years.

The institute’s founders established the Technical Inspection Association in 1919 to stem the production of faulty munitions after the First World War. Within a century, its membership base expanded from weapons inspectors, to engineers, to quality control gurus, to quality professionals who work across various sectors. From manufacturing, to automotive, to healthcare, to construction. Today’s quality professionals drive good governance, continuous improvement, leadership and assurance within organisations worldwide.

Vincent Desmond, CEO of the CQI said:

“Our centenary is a great opportunity to celebrate the CQI, but also to promote the benefit that quality management and the quality profession have provided society during the past 100 years. As with any significant birthday, our centenary is an opportunity to consider not only the past, but also what the future might hold. Just consider how the world has changed since 1919 and how the quality management discipline has responded. I am sure that the founding members of what was originally constituted as the Technical Inspection Association would not recognise our world of global trade, technology and radically different social norms. And I suspect they would be amazed to see how the quality profession’s scope and toolkit have expanded to cope with those changes.”

The CQI has dedicated a unique theme for each month to celebrate its story throughout 2019. 



F or more information on the 100 year anniversary of The CQI, including their short anniversary film, please click here.



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