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Taking on the role of ‘Non-Executive Director’… boards do need You!

Louis Cooper, NEDA CEO, has written a blog post for the ICAEW giving tips and useful information on preparing for a NED role.

He discusses how the role of the modern NED can be both challenging and rewarding, and how any prospective NED should ensure they fully understand the role they are getting into. It is quite a step change from an employment role because you are only in the business part-time and it can be difficult to feel an integral part of the day-to-day activities of an organisation. However, the role itself is critical to a well-run company and boards are waking-up to the need to find the next generation NEDs.

NEDs are appointed based on their knowledge and experience – they should bring to the board a range of different perspectives and provide an independent, broader view drawing on their previous roles and responsibilities. The ability to compare and benchmark the organisation’s approach to certain situations can act as a positive challenge to executive management’s thinking.

Louis outlines 6 simple tips that are important to consider when starting the journey to becoming a NED.

Read these simple tips and find out more by clicking here. 


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