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WTW: Cyber Security Webinar Recording

WTW and NEDA recently ran a webinar considering: Navigating Cyber Incident Response: From Detection to Recovery as part of a focus on Cyber Security Awareness Month (October 2023).

The online session covered topics such as best practices to mitigate incidents and how to respond to critical cyber scenarios and it tapped into the knowledge and experience of a diverse group of cyber experts:

  • Glyn Thoms, GB Head of Cyber, Financial Executive and Professional Risks - WTW
  • Cub Llewelyn-Davies, Head of Market IncentivesNational Cyber Security Centre
  • Martin Heyde, UK Practice Leader - CFC Response
  • Nikki Cole, Portfolio Non-Executive Director

The five key takeaways from the session were:

  1. Have a plan, test the plan, and make sure the board and senior leadership team are involved.
  2. Make sure your cyber incident response plan is joined up with your other policies and procedures and your disaster recovery (‘DRP’) and business continuity plans (‘BCP’).
  3. Make sure you know who all the critical stakeholders (internally and externally) are and include them in a plan for your regulatory obligations.
  4. Think about your supply chain and the impact that could have on your business.
  5. Learn lessons, from your experiences and the experiences of others, and use these as an opportunity to improve your response.

To watch a replay of the webinar event please click on this link.



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