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“Boardroom inertia? A spotlight on the diversity of FTSE Small Cap and AIM listed company boards”

Company Matters has launched their second annual report on board diversity among the UK’s smaller listed companies.

The first annual report published last year revealed improvements on gender and age diversity, but little change on ethnicity. White men remained disproportionately represented compared to larger companies, bringing little cognitive diversity into smaller listed company board rooms.

The new edition looks at the current state of play and uncovers the latest trends.

Key takeaways from the research include:

  • 20% of AIM UK 50 directors are women, up 2% year on year
  • The proportion of all-male boards has fallen 7% year on year to 16%
  • 33% of FTSE SMC 100 are women, in line with FTSE 100
  • 41% of new directors to FTSE SMC 100 are women
  • 4% of FTSE SMC companies have all male boards, unchanged year on year
  • 89% of women directors in AIM 50 and 96% in FTSE SMC 100 are non-executive
  • Only 6% of executives are women in the AIM 50 v 8% on FTSE SMC 100
  • The FTSE SMC 100 has the youngest directors 

Please download report to get the full picture and to understand what good disclosure looks like.



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