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FTSE 100 Codes of Ethics: Room for Improvement

Latest research from the IBE has found that only 81 FTSE 100 companies have a code of ethics that is publicly available. And when assessed by their research team, based on IBE best practice standards, at least half the available codes were found wanting.


Whilst a good code of ethics does not guarantee good corporate behaviour it does provide a strong indicator of the presence of an ethical culture and, the IBE believes, is a key component of an effective ethics framework.

The IBE advocates the following best practice:

  • Include a clear endorsement of the code by senior leadership
  • Ensure the code is principles rather than rules-based and clearly linked to the purpose and values of the organisation
  • Explain clearly how people can speak up if they have any ethical concerns
  • Set out what people can expect from the speak up process and include a clear commitment to zero tolerance of retaliation
  • Include effective guidance for employees, such as a decision-making framework, FAQs, and real examples of ethical dilemmas
  • Review and refresh the code at least every three years

To read the IBE Report in full click on the link above. 


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