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UK Leadership Diversity Report 2021

BoardEx and Odgers Berndtson have released a report into how UK Board members and C-suite leaderships think about, implement and address the vital issue of I&D.

  • The report is based on the survey responses of more than 600 c-suite leaders and NEDS across the UK.
  • Companies with diversity on their board and leadership team are 3 times as likely to partner with I&D membership organizations to find and recruit talent.
  • Diverse companies are twice as likely to set diversity targets for the board and leadership teams.
  • Diverse organizations have measures in place to reduce bias in recruiting.
  • Over a third (36%) of NEDs said the Boards they sit on discuss I&D more than five times a year – a frequency that reflects the growing importance of I&D in the Boardroom.

Read your copy of the report by clicking on the link above.


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