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Individual Training and Courses

Tuesday 18 June 2019

Training & Courses

for individuals

Training & Courses For Individuals

NEDA has developed an intensive core training course for all existing and aspiring Non-Executive Directors and others who work with them or advise boards. It is applicable to NEDs whatever their experience; for some it will provide an introduction, for others a chance to check their knowledge and approach.

Essential Training Course for Non-Executive Directors

The course is designed to ensure attendees satisfy the core knowledge and understanding requirements of being a Non-Executive Director which is implicit in Company Law, and the many codes and guidelines which have been issued.

The programme will cover the key areas of:

  • Corporate Governance and the NED
  • Independent non-executives
  • Accepting a NED appointment
  • The board of directors and the role of the NEDs
  • Director's liability and liability insurance
  • The nomination committee
  • The remuneration committee
  • The audit committee Internal control and risk management
  • Performance evaluation
  • Other issues

The training is provided using technical input from leading experts in the field and delivered by professional training experts. The course leaders are renowned both for their grasp of the subject and for their ability to make technical subject matter interesting.

The next Essential Training Course for Non-Executive Directors will take      place on 7th June 2019.  Please Click Here to Sign-Up. 

Course attendees of our internally run courses will receive a free copy of the Non-Executive Directors' Handbook.

If you require a bespoke course for your organisation, view our organisations    training page. 


NEDA is working with the London Stock Exchange Academy to run a number of NED Masterclass Training sessions at the Exchange building in Paternoster Square in London. A full day training course covers the main items noted above and is tailored to both aspirant and newly appointed NEDs. The 2018 programme of courses are due run on 2 March, 5 June and
23 November 2018. NEDA members receive a 15% discount on the booking rates. For further details and to book your course click on the relevant link below:


The NED Certificate was launched in 2017 and supports a structured NED training and education programme based on four modules of activity that can be purchased separately depending on your own needs, experience and personal learning style. The recommended sequence and approach is to:

  1. Become a member of NEDA and attend regular (and mostly free) updates and networking events (see the NEDA Membership area to join). Click here to become a NEDA member.
  2. By becoming a member you will receive a free copy of the Non-Executive Directors' Handbook or the Handbook can be purchased from the Publications page (current retail price: £69.95). Click here to
    purchase a NED Handbook.
  3. Attend a NED Training session - see further details above - by attending the training session you will also receive a free copy of the Handbook. Discounts are available to NEDA Members. Click here to
    attend a NED Training session.
  4. After completing activities 1 - 3 above, including reading the Handbook, you should be ready to take the on-line Test - see the link below. The test costs £60 a click and it comprises 30 multiple-choice questions and takes 45 - 60 minutes. It is based on chapters in the Handbook and if you pass you will be awarded a 'NED Certificate'; should you fail you can pay to re-sit the Test at any time and a new set of questions will be given to you to complete.

Note: the modules above are the recommended approach that give you the best chance of passing the Test, however the Test can be taken at anytime without completing the other three modules.


The Non-Executive Directors’ Handbook has been refreshed and fully updated for this 5th edition and, given the increasingly significant role played by Non-Executive Directors in the independent oversight of organisations, it acts as an essential source of reference and route map for the role.

The Handbook is published by ICSA Publishing for the NEDA, and represents an accessible and practical guide for Non-Executive Directors at each stage of their NED career, from aspiring NEDs to retiring NEDs, as well as for their advisers – particularly company secretaries.


Emile Woolf International

Our partner firm EWI offer a range of core business skills courses covering: Leadership, Mentoring, Selling, Negotiating, Presenting, Setting Strategy. Further details can be found by following the link.