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In collaboration with our sponsors, partners and other reputable sources we bring together insight to ensure that members keep up to date and stay well informed in their role as a NED.

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Willis Towers Watson29/03/2021
Make climate change part of your personal objectives for this year recommends WT...

More and more, companies are setting ambitious climate goals. This commitment - and journey to becoming carbon neutral - is going to make a meaningful differenc...

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IFRS Foundation announces new working group on Global Sustainability Reporting

The Trustees of the IFRS Foundation have announced the formation of a new working group to accelerate convergence in global sustainability reporting standards.

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BEIS proposes measures to restore trust in UK Corporate Reporting reports ICAEW

The government’s consultation on audit and corporate governance reform proposes sweeping changes for company directors and auditors.

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UK Listing Review22/03/2021
The UK Listing Review Report by Lord Hill

The UK Listing Review report by Lord Hill was published on Wednesday 3 March 2021. The review proposes some significant reforms to the rules that govern how com...

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Further director disqualifications over illegal construction cartel

The CMA has secured the disqualification of 2 former directors of Northern Ireland-based firm FP McCann Ltd for their parts in an illegal construction cartel.

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Board Agenda20/03/2021
Parker Review urges final push to meet FTSE 100 ‘one by 2021’ target reports Boa...

Board Agenda reports that the "one by 2021" campaign to increase ethnic minority representation on UK boards has seen "significant progress"...

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Duff & Phelps19/03/2021
Global Regulatory Outlook 2021: The Future of Global Financial Regulation

Duff & Phelps analyses data from senior decision-makers in financial services to provide insights into the current and future global regulatory landscape.

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"Mid & Small-Cap Investor Survey 2021" published by The QCA & Peel Hunt

QCA & Peel Hunt have published their annual Mid & Small-Cap Survey for 2021.   The findings of this report are based on surveys conducted by YouGov...

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NEDA appoints new Senior Adviser

The Non-Executive Directors’ Association (‘NEDA’) has appointed Barry Gamble as a Senior Adviser. Barry is well known to NEDA, as Chairman of ...

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